Penn Treaty SSD Announces Grants And Sponsorships
Of Over $93,000 For July

PHILADELPHIA – JULY 2019 – Penn Treaty Special Services District is proud to announce the following Grants and Sponsorships approved at the Wednesday, June 19, 2019 meeting:

  1. 26th District PAL Center, Police Athletic League of Philadelphia — $61,838 to support program costs and supplies and rent for the June 2019 – June 2020 season.

  2. Fishtown Neighbors Association (FNA) — $60,994* to improve and restore the Rose Garden at 1401-1403 Frankford Avenue. *This grant is pending.
  3. Philadelphia Compositional Improvisation Ensemble / Philadelphia Dance Projects — $5,329 towards the costs of the Philadelphia Festival Of Compositional Dance from Wednesday, June 19th through Sunday, June 23, 2019.

  4. Green Sun / Tiger Strikes Asteroid — $4,446 to assist in the facilitation of The Green Sun: MicroSymposium on August 25, 2019 in the Icebox Project Space, located at the Crane Arts building in the South Kensington

  5. Anne Church – $3,500 towards Father Skip’s 25 Year Jubilee Celebration on June 2, 2019.

  6. NLArts – $3,500 towards their 3rd Annual Gala in the Park fundraiser.

  7. Fishtown Neighbors Association (FNA) — $3,375 towards the 2019 Flower Power Community competition on July 6.

  8. Northern Liberties Neighbors Association (NLNA) — $3,200 the cost of resurfacing the grounds around the playground at Liberty Lands park.

  9. Northern Liberties Neighbors association (NLNA) — $1,300 towards supplies for the NLNA tent at the 2nd Street Fest on Aug 4.

  10. Northern Liberties Neighbors association (NLNA) – $1,200 for costs of their 2019 E-Waste event in September 2019.

  11. Laurentius School –$600 for outdoor play equipment.

About Penn Treaty Special Services District
The Penn Treaty SSD, incorporated in 2009, is a 501(c)(3) community-based organization that works to enhance the quality of life for residents of the immediate neighborhoods surrounding SugarHouse Casino—including Fishtown, South Kensington, Old Richmond and Northern Liberties. Funding is provided by SugarHouse Casino through an annual donation. Allocation of funds is determined exclusively by the Penn Treaty SSD Board through a grant request form and a review process.  For more information on the Penn Treaty Special Services District, or to apply for a grant, visit  Contact: Katrina Mansfield, Secretary (215-574-9274) or

About the Police Athletic League of Philadelphia
PAL is “Cops Helping Kids.”  We aspire to be the premier youth-serving organization in the city, by reducing crime, promoting character development, and improving educational outcomes. We do this by having Philadelphia Police Officers, supported by civilians, offer sports and other programs to youth in PAL centers in some of the city’s highest crime and lowest income neighborhoods. PAL Centers are safe havens, offering a variety of programs and other events to attract, engage, and develop an active membership base of more than 10,000 Philadelphia youth. Contact: Ted Quallli at

About Philadelphia Compositional Improvisation Ensemble
Organized by the Philly Compositional Improvisation Lab in conjunction with the NY Compositional Improvisation Lab and the Lovelies, the festival is a space to share practices in compositional improvisation. This unique form of spontaneous ensemble-based dance-making tasks a group of people to create a complete piece together in the moment. Unlike choreography with a set end product, the practice of this form is the piece; thus, this festival will include both lab-like settings for exploration and performance opportunities. Compositional improvisation, as opposed to other forms of dance improvisation, asks us to pay attention to and compose in real-time with various elements at play, including the negotiation of the self and the whole, dynamics, thematic material, and more. Contact Kat Sulivan at

About The Green Sun
The Green Sun is a is a multifaceted project/exhibition focusing on solar power as both a practical technology and a path towards imagining a healthier, more equitable Philadelphia, curated and organized by Philadelphia artists Kristen Neville Taylor and Ricky Yanas, in partnership with Icebox Project Space and Tiger Strikes Asteroid. Our mission is to ask: “What can art do?” in direct service of organizations, initiatives and communities working to create pragmatic responses to economic inequality and local environmental issues. Contact Ricky Yanas at

About St. Anne Church
From our famous Christmas Concert and musical recitals, to our Sunday Bingo in our Social Hall, to our Senior Center on Cumberland Street whether it be P.A.L. (Police Athletic League) for the kids or even St. Anne’s Football Team (the mighty Falcons) – St. Anne’s is the place to be in Port Richmond (open to all) come experience the wonderful spirit of Saint Anne’s. Contact Theresa Stahl at

About NLArts
Through art education, NLArts inspires children to be creative thinkers and to value community. NLArts values children and families. We believe families should have an option for their kids to engage in educational programming during and outside of school time that is consistent with cultural trends and best practices. We have a long-standing commitment to teaching artists and support them in their quest to develop an appreciation for the arts and community in diverse audiences. NLArts values community and the power of a neighborhood arts organization to bring people together for collaborative learning experiences and civic engagement.NLArts believes that quality arts programming can be made available to all families at affordable prices. NLArts values creativity and expression as critical life skills. Contact Jessica Eldredge at

About Fishtown Neighbors Association (FNA)
Fishtown is a vibrant Philadelphia community with a rich history, a culture all its own, and plenty of creativity. The Fishtown Neighbors Association is proud to welcome you. We’re a nonprofit, volunteer-run civic association dedicated to making Fishtown the best neighborhood it can be. Contact: Joseph Kain at

About Northern Liberties Neighbors Association (NLNA)
The NLNA represents approximately 6,500 neighborhood residents and more than 150 local businesses. Our mission is to provide services and programs beneficial to everyone residing and doing business in the neighborhood, encourage and promote the preservation and beautification of our public spaces, and plan and monitor the growth and development of our neighborhood to the benefit of the community. Contact: Donald Phillips at

About St. Laurentius School
St. Laurentius School serves the children who are entrusted to our care by proclaiming and teaching the Catholic faith while providing a challenging academic education.  Utilizing a variety of resources, we provide opportunities for personal formation in a safe and caring environment that encourages the growth of future life-long learners in a global society. Contact: Elaine McKnight at

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