Penn Treaty SSD To Award $59,000 In Grants And Sponsorships
At The May 2017 Meeting

            PHILADELPHIA –May 1, 2017 – The Penn Treaty Special Services District (Penn Treaty SSD) is proud to announce Grants and Sponsorships to the following recipients:

  1. Rock to the Future – $26,000 to support the Mobile Music program at Adaire and Hackett Elementary Schools, St. Laurentius Catholic School, and Penn Treaty High School.
  2. Portside Arts Center – $20,000 towards the purchase of a 25-passenger vehicle to replace their former shuttle bus.
  3. InLiquid Art + Design – $3,500 to support this year’s Art for the Cash Poor fundraiser on June 16-18, 2017.
  4. Laurentius School– $3,500 to support the costs of this year’s Fishtown 5K Run on April 29, 2017.
  5. Palmer Cemetery – $3,500 to help support the Memorial Day ceremonies and repairs at the Charles Glen Viet Nam Veterans Memorial at 1101 E. Marlborough Street on May 29, 2017.
  6. Fishtown Neighbors Association – $2,500 to support their 2017 Chili Cook Off fundraiser on March 26, 2017.

The awards will be presented at the May 17, 2017 meeting.

The Penn Treaty SSD, incorporated in 2009, is a 501(c)(3) community-based organization that works to enhance the quality of life for residents of the immediate neighborhoods surrounding SugarHouse Casino—including Fishtown, South Kensington, Old Richmond and Northern Liberties.

Funding — which to date has totaled more than $4.1 million — is provided by SugarHouse Casino through an annual donation. Allocation of funds is determined exclusively by the Penn Treaty SSD Board through a grant request form and a review process.

For more information on the Penn Treaty Special Services District, or to apply for a grant, visit

See more of what we do at our Facebook Page: Penn Treaty SSD

About Penn Treaty Special Services District
The Penn Treaty Special Services District (PTSSD) is a nonprofit organization formed by volunteers from the four neighborhoods named in the Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) reached with SugarHouse Casino in 2009. Contact: Katrina Mansfield, Secretary (215-574-9274) or  See also

Rock to the Future
Rock to the Future is a 501(c)3 organization founded in 2010 that provides music education for Philadelphia’s underserved youth at no cost to them or their families. Using music, our programs ignite passion and creativity, support academic achievement, and improve self-esteem. We empower individuals and strengthen communities.
Contact: Katie Feeney at

About Portside Arts Center
By building self-awareness, and appreciation of one’s own inner creativity and artistic skills, this non-profit aims to transform the lives of individuals, improve their academic and economic success and awaken a social and civic sense in order to raise the quality of life in our neighborhoods.
Contact: Jenna Wilchinsky, Assistant Director at

About InLiquid Art + Design
InLiquid is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to creating opportunities and exposure for visual artists while serving as a free, online, public hub that showcases Philadelphia’s vast visual arts culture. Through the active promotion of artists’ work and credentials via online accessibility, numerous ongoing exhibition programs distributed throughout the city in galleries and alternative spaces, meaningful partnerships with cultural organizations and corporate clients, unique community-engaged events, and the facilitation of relationships with art collectors, InLiquid delivers the richness of our region’s visual art culture to broader audiences, thus increasing appreciation of all forms of visual culture. Contact: Catherine Sirizzotti at

About St. Laurentius School
St. Laurentius School serves the children who are entrusted to our care by proclaiming and teaching the Catholic faith while providing a challenging academic education.  Utilizing a variety of resources, we provide opportunities for personal formation in a safe and caring environment that encourages the growth of future lifelong learners in a global society.
: A.J. Thompson at

About Palmer Cemetery
Palmer Cemetery is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3). The all-volunteer Trustees are dedicated to the maintenance, restoration, conservation of this Colonial Era Cemetery and Philadelphia Historical Site. The Trustees seek to increase public interest in the cemetery, and develop an awareness and appreciation of the local history and the history of the City of Philadelphia, as it pertains to Fishtown and Palmer Cemetery. In order to carry out our mission, the Trustees of Palmer Cemetery encourage volunteerism and provide staff support and management of the Historic Burial Ground, as well as raising funds through grants and fundraising events.
Contact: J.Kingsmill at

About Fishtown Neighbors Association
Fishtown is a vibrant Philadelphia community with a rich history, a culture all its own, and plenty of creativity. The Fishtown Neighbors Association is proud to welcome you. We’re a nonprofit, volunteer-run civic association dedicated to making Fishtown the best neighborhood it can be.
Contact: Ian Wilson at


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